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1031 / 5000 Translation results Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Appreciates Indocement's Assistance in Flood Disasters in South Kalimantan Province

The Minister of Energy and Human Resources of the Republic of Indonesia, Arifin Tasrif appreciated Indocement's participation in the ESDM Flood Disaster Preparedness activity in South Kalimantan Province on January 14-27 2021. This appreciation was given in the form of a certificate of appreciation to Indocement.

An individual award certificate was also given by the Director of Engineering and Coal Mineral Environment, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Directorate General of Mineral and Coal to the members of the Indocement Tarjun Factory team who went directly to assist the people of South Kalimantan in dealing with the flood disaster.

Various aids were provided, namely emergency response assistance, opening of health clinics, assistance with medicines, food, and other equipment. In addition, Indocement also assisted in the construction of a temporary shelter and two bathing, washing, latrines (MCK facilities and trauma healing programs for the disaster victims.