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Indocement Wins Seven Awards at the 2023 Jabar Juara Awards

Indocement Raih Tujuh Penghargaan Jabar Juara Awards 2023

Indocement Wins Seven Awards at the 2023 Jabar Juara Awards

Indocement, a prominent industry player, has been recognized with seven accolades at the 2023 Jabar Juara Awards. This annual event, organized by the West Java Provincial Development Planning Agency (Bappeda), took place on April 22, 2024, in Bandung. The awards were accepted by Dani Handajani, Corporate Secretary of Indocement, and Marlan O. Damanik, General Manager of the Cirebon Factory.

The Citeureup Factory of Indocement was honored with the following awards:

  • 1st SMES Empowerment Award
    This award acknowledges companies that have significantly contributed to the enhancement of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through the application of digital technology.
  • 2nd Winner Stunting Eradication Award
    This accolade is bestowed upon companies that have supported initiatives aimed at reducing the prevalence of stunting in West Java.
  • 2nd Winner Water Sanitation Hygiene (Wash) Award
    This award recognizes companies that have made substantial contributions to improving community health and environmental quality by providing access to clean water, promoting healthy sanitation practices, and encouraging clean living habits.
  • 3rd Top Partners Award
    This award is given to companies that have made the largest nominal contributions to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The Cirebon Factory of Indocement was recognized with the following awards:

  • 1st Winner Water Sanitation Hygiene (Wash) Award
  • 2nd Winner Poverty Alleviation Award
    This award is given to companies that have made significant contributions to poverty reduction efforts
  • 2nd Corporate Environmental Responsibility Award
    This award is given to companies that have demonstrated commitment to sustainable business practices, effective waste management, and the use of environmentally friendly energy

The recipients of these awards were evaluated based on their CSR programs, which encompass social aspects, purchasing power enhancement, education, environment, health, infrastructure, and environmental sanitation. Additionally, the company’s emission reduction program, as assessed through a life cycle assessment study and reported quarterly on the CSR Jabar website, was also considered.

The West Java Provincial Government expressed its appreciation for the CSR initiatives carried out by all West Java CSR Partner Companies. These initiatives have had a positive impact on both the local communities surrounding the business areas and the broader West Java community. The government emphasized the importance of sustainable CSR collaboration in improving community welfare, creating jobs, enhancing environmental quality, and reducing social disparities.

Acting Governor of West Java, Bey Machmudin, highlighted the need for CSR to provide long-term benefits and a multiplier effect to the community. He stressed that CSR should not be viewed as sponsorship of an activity but should be directly aimed at benefiting the community. He also emphasized the importance of good governance, accountability, and transparent reporting in CSR collaborations and synergies. The sustainability aspect should also be included so that the impact and achievement of clear objectives can be measured in accordance with the adjusted vision of West Java Province’s sustainability.