Basic and Purpose of GCG Implementation

Indocement’s GCG has a legal and policy basis that includes the following laws, regulations and guidelines:

1. Law No. 8 of 1995 on Capital Market;
2. Law No. 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Company;
3. Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 33/POJK.04/2014 on Board of Directors and Board od Commissioners of Issuers and Public Companies;
4. Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 21/POJK.04/2015 on Implementation of Governance Guidelines for Public Companies;
5. Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 31/POJK.04/2015 on Disclosure of Information or Material Facts by Issuers or Public Companies;
6. Financial Services Authority Circular No. 32/SEOJK.04/2015 concening Guidelines on Corporate Governance for Public Companies;
7. Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 15/POJK.04/2020 on Planning and Organizing General Meeting of Shareholders of Public Companies;
8. Road Map of Indonesian Corporate Governance issued by the Financial Services Authority;
9. General Guidelines for Indonesian Corporate Governance (PUGKI) 2021 issued by the National Committee of Governance Policy;
10. Best practices and internationally accepted standards such as the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard.

Based on the laws and regulations, Indocement continues to harmonize and improve the quality of GCG in the Company.