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Tiga Roda Portland Composite Cement (PCC)

Portland Composite Cement is designed for general constructions such as houses, high-rise buildings, bridges, concrete roads, pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete. PCC has equivalent strength with Portland Cement Type I. SNI 15-7064-2014 ASTM C595-13 EN 197-1:2011

Tiga Roda Portland Cement Type I

Indocement produces PC Type I, PC Type I is high-quality cement suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, and roads. SNI 2049:2015 ASTM C150-12 EN 197-1:2011

Tiga Roda Portland Cement (PC) Type II

Indocement produces PC Type II, PC Type II is high-quality cement that has good durability against moderate sulfate content. OPC Type II SNI 2049:2015 ASTM C150-12

Tiga Roda Portland Cement (PC) Type V

Indocement produces PC Type V, PC Type V is high-quality cement that has good durability against high sulfate content. OPC Type V SNI 2049:2015 ASTM C150-12

Tiga Roda Oil Well Cement

Oil Well Cement is a special type of cement for oil and natural gas drilling both onshore and offshore. OWC is mixed into a slurry and then injected between the drilling pipe and oil well casing where it is able to set and harden thus bonding the pipe to the casing. OWC Production meets the quality standards of API (American Petroleum Institute). SNI ISO 10426.1:2008 API Spec 10A Class G-HSR

Tiga Roda White Cement

White cement is used for architecture work, exterior and interior building decorations, as well as can also use for the general construction process. Indocement is the only white cement producer in Indonesia. SNI 15-2049-2004 ASTM C150-12

TR-30 White Mortar

TR-30 White Mortar is used for skin-coating and tile grouting. The composition of TR-30 White Mortar consists of Tiga Roda White Cement, lime (Calcium Carbonate), and other special additive materials

Rajawali Cement

Rajawali Cement is made for general construction to meet the community needs for cement with guaranteed quality at an affordable price. Produced with Indocement standard technologies, equipments, and materials, therefore, it has consistent quality. SNI 0302-2014 NRP 113-002-160930


Blended cement type of cement by using slag (waste products from combustion in the steel industry) as an additive material, and therefore, it is very environmentally friendly, and has technical advantages such as low hydration heat, sulfate resistance, high durability, and has a longer compressive growth period, and thus, suitable for mass concrete projects, dam, and jetty. Duracem is distributed in bulk. SNI 8363:2017

TR-10 Multipurpose Mortar

TR-10 Multipurpose Mortar is is a practical and durable mortar for masonry, red brick plaster, and floor leveling applications. The TR-10 Multipurpose Mortar is packaged in bags with a net weight of 40kg.

TR-15 Thinbed

TR-15 Thinbed is a lightweight brick with strong adhesion and thin when applied and more economic. The TR-15 Thinbed is packaged in bags with a net weight of 40kg.

TR-20 Plester Plus

TR-20 Plester Plus is is a high quality lightweight brick and made of good quality materials, homogeneously mixed and become the choice for lightweight brick plastering that is sturdy, smooth and does not crack. TR-20 Plaster Plus is packaged in bags with a net weight of 40kg.

Semen Grobogan

Grobogan Cement is a portland composite cement (PCC) type cement produced by Indocement's subsidiary, PT Semen Grobogan.

Semen Jempolan