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Tiga Roda Cement Wins 2023 Top Brand Awards

Top Brand Awards untuk Indocement

Tiga Roda Cement, produced by Indocement, has won the Top Brand award. This achievement marks the 15th consecutive time that the company has received this award. The award was received directly by Indocement’s Director, Troy D. Soputro on June 7, 2023. In 2023, Tiga Roda Cement received a Top Brand Index score of 51%, far above another cement brands which were in the teens percentage range. This achievement proves that Tiga Roda Cement is the top choice for Indonesian consumers.

This score was obtained from a survey conducted in 15 major cities in Indonesia involving tens of thousands of respondents. As a result, Tiga Roda Cement ranked TOP in all three evaluation criteria: mind share, market share, and commitment share.