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Indocement Consolidated Financial Statement 31 December 2022 and 2021

Overview financial result for 2022of Indocement:

  • Indocement recorded +10.5% Net Revenues growth for 2022 from IDR 14,771.9 bio in 2021 to IDR 16,328.3 bio. Thrice price increase throughout 2022 due to significant increase in energy costs and boosted Net Revenue despite lower overall total volume of -2.1% from 2021. 
  • High energy cost due to significant increase of coal price. In 2022 energy cost was 52% of total manufacturing costs vs. 2021 of 49% and 2020 of 42%.  
  • EBITDA margin was at 21.2% in 2022 vs. 22.5% in 2021. Profit for 2022 was at IDR 1,842.4 bio or higher +3.0%.
  • In August 2022, PLN started to supply electricity of 50MW to Tarjun Factory replacing the coal fired-power plant. Thus, Tarjun Factory can operate cleaner and more efficient. 
  • Asset Lease Agreement with PT Semen Bosowa Maros dan PT Bosowa Corporindo for Banyuwangi grinding plant for 5 years in March 2022 then for Maros Plant and all other Bosowa terminals for 3 years in September 2022.
  • Shares buyback program ended in December 2022, collected IDR 2.73 trillion or 6.8% of total shares.
  • Sustainability target is on track:
    • Alternative fuel consumption rate for was 18.1 in 2022 % vs. 12.2% in 2021.
    • Average dust emission was at 13.8 mg/m3 in 2022 vs. 21.9 mg/m3 in 2021.
    • CO2 emission (Scope 1-Gross) was at 587 kg CO2/t cement equivalent in line with our goal to reach 575 kg CO2/t cement equivalent in 2025.

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