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Diponegoro University Given Awards to Indocement

Departemen Teknik Lingkungan Universitas Diponegoro Berikan Penghargaan Kepada Indocement Kompleks Pabrik Citeureup

The Department of Environmental Engineering at Diponegoro University has awarded the Silver Award in the Ecosystem Protection category at the Eco-tech Pioneer and Sustainability Award (EPSA) 2023. The award was received by Indocement Mining Division Manager Prawiratno on September 2, 2023, in Semarang.

EPSA 2023 is an award event organized by the Department of Environmental Engineering at Diponegoro University. The event recognizes companies that have committed to providing technological innovations to preserve and protect the environment. The evaluation criteria include Green Power Innovation, Low Carbon Innovation, Eco-Hazard Innovation, Eco-Cycle Innovation, Hydro Smart Innovation, and Ecosystem Protection.

In this event, Indocement Citeureup participated in the Ecosystem Protection category. They presented their Meliponiculture Program, which aims to preserve the environmental ecosystem and support community development, particularly the Pelita Mas Farmers Group, in producing stingless bee honey products. The program is implemented at Tiga Roda Edu-Green Park, located within the Clay Quarry Mining Business Permit area in Hambalang, Bogor Regency.

We hope that Indocement will continue to innovate in environmental protection and community development to provide ecological, social, and economic benefits to the surrounding area.