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Indocement Receives Award from KPP Pratama Cileungsi

Indocement Raih Penghargaan dari KPP Pratama Cileungsi

PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. (Indocement) has received an award as a Compliant Taxpayer with the Largest Payment in the KPP Pratama Cileungsi area.

This award was given directly by the Head of KPP Pratama Cileungsi, Anita Widiawati, and was received by the Group Taxation Department Head, Sumarno, at the event “Visitation to Enhance Synergy between PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk and KPP Pratama Cileungsi”, located at the Housing III Hall of the Indocement Citeureup Factory, on January 29, 2024. This award is an appreciation for Compliant Taxpayers who have carried out their tax obligations well during 2023 and have made the largest contribution to the KPP Pratama Cileungsi’s revenue, and always comply in reporting taxes. On this occasion, KPP Pratama Cileungsi also conveyed a call for Annual SPT Reporting and NIK-NPWP Matching to PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk.