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Indocement Commemorated the National Waste Awareness Day 2024

Indocement Peringati Hari Peduli Sampah Nasional 2024

On February 26, 2024, Indocement commemorated the National Waste Awareness Day (HPSN) 2024 with the theme Overcoming Plastic Waste in a Productive Way. This activity was held simultaneously in three Indocement factories in Citeureup, Cirebon and Tarjun.

Indocement Citeureup Factory commemorated HPSN 2024 by implementing a Special Waste Alms Program and distributing awards to Waste Activist Employees and Employees who most consistently participate in the Waste Alms Program. Presented at this activity, Indocement President Director Christian Kartawijaya, Indocement Director Oey Marcos, General Manager of the Citeureup Factory Complex Setia Wijaya, Deputy General Manager Operations Elman Rudolf Pakpahan, Deputy General Manager Supporting Retnawan Widhiantoro, Indocement Corporate Secretary Dani Handajani, plant managers at Citeureup Factory and other invited guests.

Indocement Cirebon Factory commemorated HPSN 2024 by inviting its employees to clean the Perbanusa Reuse Reduce Recycle (TPS3R) Waste Disposal Site, Megu Cilik Village. In this activity, 30 Indocement employees together with TPS3R administrator Megu Cilik carried out a clean-up action around the TPS area and at the same time provided an understanding of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) produced by the TPS. 

Indocement Tarjun Factory commemorated HPSN 2024 by holding a clean-up day in the mangrove coastal area of the Dispatch Department, there was also a waste charity activity for employees and their families involving a team from the Andesla Waste Bank, Langadai Village. Apart from that, Indocement Tarjun Factory also took part in the 2024 HPSN commemoration which was initiated by the Governor of South Kalimantan Sahbirin Noor. The commemoration in Kotabaru Regency was centered at the Prosperity Market with the theme Simultaneous Clean-up Movement (Geber) while in Tanah Bumbu Regency the event was centered on Pagata Beach with the theme Overcoming Plastic Waste in a Productive Way. 

The HSPN commemoration is a momentum to increase awareness and responsibility of companies towards the environment, especially to support the fulfillment of national targets in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the waste and waste sector. This activity is also in line with the company's mission which always prioritizes environmental, social, and good governance or ESG aspects.