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Indocement Holds Employees Halalbihalal Event

Christian Kartawijaya dalam acara Halalbihalal Indocement 2023

Indocement held a halalbihalal event between the Indocement Board of Directors and Indocement employees at the Masjid Assalam Hall on May 10, 2023. The event was attended by approximately 500 Indocement employees. Present at this event were Indocement President Director Christian Kartawijaya, the Board of Directors and Executive Committee Members of Indocement namely Troy.D. Soputro, Antonius Marcos, Ramakanta Bhattacharjee, David Clarke, Holger Morch, and Thomas Suryadi, General Manager of Citeureup Plant Setia Wijaya, Deputy General Manager Operation Elman Rudolf, and Deputy General Manager Supporting Retnawan Widhiantoro, Chairman of the Citeureup Plant Workers Union Acep Pahrudin and Chairman of Indocement Management Association R. Aditya as well as invited guests consisting of employees and retired employees.

In his opening speech, Indocement President Director Christian Kartawijaya conveyed information about the activities carried out by Indocement during Ramadan for Indocement’s partner villages. In addition, he also conveyed information about Indocement’s positive performance during the first quarter of 2023 and future challenges.

The theme raised at this year’s halalbihalal is With Halalbihalal We Strengthen Relationship and Harmonization. The sermon was delivered by DR. Abdul Mughni, Lc., M.H., leader of the Islamic Center and Tazkia Institute, Sentul City, Bogor. At this event, symbolic hajj quotas were also handed over to seven Indocement employees."