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Indocement Triumph 2022 ASRRAT Award

Indocement Kembali Meraih Penghargaan ASRRAT 2022

Indocement triumphed in the 2022 Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRRAT) in the gold category, the achievement is the fifth time in a row. This award is proof that the standards quality of Indocement's SR reporting is at the forefront and transparent of sustainable business practices.

The ASRRAT 2022 assessment is based on the level of compliance of sustainability reporting with the GRI Standards. The assessment process involves independent experts from 15 universities in Indonesia. ASRRAT, previously known as the Sustainability Reporting Awards (SRA), is an award for institutions that have successfully communicated their sustainability performance to stakeholders through a sustainability report. The award is organized by the National Center for Corporate Reporting.