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Indocement Established Aid Post for Cianjur Earthquake Victims

Bantuan Indocement Peduli Gempa Cianjur

Indocement Labor Union (SP ITP), Indocement Management Staff Association (IMI), Indocement Nature Lovers (PALINDO), and Indocement Employee Cooperative (KKI) as well as all Indocement employees and the Company's Board of Directors worked hand in hand to help Cianjur earthquake victims through Indocement Peduli activities.

The Indocement Peduli team established the Indocement Peduli Aid Post to ease the burden on the victims of the Cianjur earthquake during the recovery of the disaster management phase. The Indocement Peduli Aid Post provided groceries and food packages, temporary public facilities and infrastructure, as well as health and medical services.

Prior to the establishment of Indocement Peduli Aid Post, Indocement Peduli team also conducted a preliminary survey on November 30, 2022, this team was assigned to held assessments at several disaster locations and affected communities, in order to assure all the aid provided were still on target and in accordance with the needs of affected communities. From the day of the survey, a decision was made to provide aid at five points due to these locations were considered to be in the category of medium-severe damage, had not or were rarely visited by the government, organizations or the private sector.  Those five locations are as follows:

  1. Samparad Village RT 01, RT 02, and RT 03, Jamaras Village, Cugenang, Cianjur Regency. (Indocement Peduli main post location)
  2. Gasol Village, Cugenang, Cianjur Regency
  3. Talaga Village, Cugenang, Cianjur Regency
  4. Sukamulya Village, Cugenang, Cianjur Regency
  5. Nyalindung Village. Cugenang, Cianjur Regency

Anak-anak korban gempa Cianjur mendapatkan bantuan dari Indocement

This Humanitarian Operation took place from 5–9 December 2022, involving around 35 volunteers from Indocement employees. The total food packages distributed to the community reached 540 packs for the people of the four villages. The delivery of the basic food packages was coordinated by the Indocement Peduli team with local officials, so the distribution of aid from Indocement was appropriate to the plan and on target.

The Indocement Peduli team also set up a health post which is open for two full days. Apart from that, the team together with Palindo also held a trauma healing event which was attended by approximately 100 children who were victims of the Cianjur earthquake.

The village community also helped the Indocement Peduli team to prepare infrastructure at the Indocement Peduli Main Aid Post, so the activity plan in Sarampad Village was successful. The farewell between the Indocement Peduli team and the community was very emotional. The community felt very grateful for the presence of Indocement Peduli, which was very sincere and total in helping disaster victims.