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Indocement Distributed Educational Scholarships For Employees' Children

Indocement distributed educational scholarships for employees' children. The distribution of this scholarship state in the Collective Labor Agreement Chapter IX Article 31 Paragraph 2 and PTSMI Chapter VI Article 24 Paragraph 14. This children's education scholarship is an award to the children of employees who work in Cituereup, Cirebon, Tarjun, and the Head Office. This year, 698 receivers attending elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, and the university received scholarships.

The awarding of scholarships event was carried on September 30, 2021. This event was attended by Indocement Director and Corporate Secretary Antonius Marcos and three Chairs of SP Indocement, namely the Chairman of SP Citeureup, Ribut Santoso, Chairman of SP Cirebon, Dion Murdiono, and Chairman of SP Tarjun Winarno.

Indocement Scholarship Improves Recipient's Competence

The recipients of this scholarship also received a briefing with the theme "I am an Innovative and Creative Future Generation with Indocement." This briefing is expected to encourage students' motivation to become better individuals.