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Indocement New Purpose and New Leadership Style Officially Launched

On May 13, 2022, Located in the ASIST Hall, Housing III, Citeureup Factory Complex, Indocement launched Indocement New Purpose and New Leadership Style. The launching was carried out directly by the President Director of Indocement, Christian Kartawijaya.

Indocement updated its New Purpose from Better Shelter for a Better Life to Material to Build Our Future. The new purpose has a meaning that We are a leading construction material player and the primary choice of consumers who prioritize sustainable development and synergize to carry out co-creation together stakeholders in building future solutions based on company values. This launch and socialization were carried out in a hybrid method where 1st echelon Indocement employees were present in the ASIST Hall and 2nd echelon Indocement employees attended online using the Webex Event.

In addition to launching Indocement New Purpose, Indocement also updated Indocement New Leadership Styles so that it becomes:

  • We Centric
  • Care
  • Open Communication
  • Process Driven Performance Oriented
  • Agile and Decisiveness
  • Customer-centric