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Indocement Tarjun Receives an Tax Compliance Award

Indocement Tarjun Factory, again, receives a tax compliance award from the Kotabaru Regional Government. This award was granted by the Regional Secretary, H. Said Akhmad accompanied by the Head of the Regional Revenue Agency on a meeting at the Kotabaru Hotel Balroom, on November 25, 2021.

This award is a form of appreciation for Indocement which has carried out its tax obligations (self-assessment system) during 2021, in accordance with applicable tax regulations. On this occasion, Head of the Kotabaru Revenue Agency H. Hairul Aswandi also said that Kotabaru's largest original local government revenue comes from non-metallic minerals.

Regional fiscal independence is the main indicator in measuring the ability of local governments to finance their own government activities without depending on the central government. Therefore, by the independence of regional finance, it can help to advance the development of regional area as well as the South Kalimantan Province as a whole.