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Indocement triumphed the Indonesia Public Relations Awards 2022 (IPRA)

PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk., triumphed the Indonesia Public Relations Awards 2022 (IPRA) as "Best Public Relations in Company Management by Developing Innovative and Quality Cement Products" in the basic industry and chemicals category from Warta Ekonomi. This award was given as an appreciation for a company that has carried out its public relations function well to all its stakeholders during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The assessment was obtained through various stages of research, such as observing how the company's public relations can adapt quickly and create various digital innovations, thus the company remains known by the public during this Covid-19 pandemic. From this research, it was found that three things were done by public relations personnel during the pandemic, such as persistence in dealing with Covid-19 with sincerity in seeking various breakthroughs, making improvements in finding technology in such a way, and internal improvement of public relations personnel.

The role of public relations during this pandemic is very important, especially in disseminating information and building relationships with the public. More interactions are made through online and in real time. This condition eventually prompt a wave of disruption that is getting bigger and faster, which then created a new order and became the "new normal" standard that applies in today's society. Therefore, public relations in a company must be able to disseminate information with good communication based on concrete data.

Hopefully this award can encourage the Company to always give the best services to all stakeholders, provide accurate information, and make a positive impact for a better future.