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48th Anniversary Indocement Continues Its Ambition to be a Green Company in Indonesia

PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. (“Indocement”) producer of Semen Tiga Roda and Semen Rajawali celebrates its 48th anniversary. This age is not a young age for a company, Indocement has gone through various phases in Indonesia and continues to grow to become one of the leading and admired cement companies in Indonesia.

"To date, Indocement owns 13 cement factories and leases 2 cement factories in Maros, South Sulawesi. We are one of the most modern cement manufacturers and operated with the state-of-art technology in Indonesia. Stepping to its 48th anniversary, Indocement is grateful to have employees and management who are professional and dedicated and continue to foster family values as one big family in Indocement," said the President Director of Indocement, Christian Kartawijaya, in his remarks at the Celebration of Indocement's 48th Anniversary at Citeureup Factory, Bogor.

"Together We Build a Greener Future" is the theme of our 48th Anniversary, reflecting that all activities we carry out always care to environmental factors, one of which is that we should be proud that Indocement was one of the first cement manufacturers to introduce various break-through initiatives through various products as well as production processes that are more environmentally friendly such as introducing Portland pozzolan cement (PPC) type cement and Portland composite cement (PCC) type cement in bags, slag and hydraulic cement in the form of bulk cement; as well as in using refuse-derived fuel (RDF) as an alternative fuel to replace fossil fuels (coal) in the cement production process as well as the use of various other alternative raw materials, this is in line with our new purpose, namely "Materials to Build Our Future", he added.

Other various green initiatives carried out by Indocement are signing an agreement with the DKI Jakarta Provincial government to use RDF produced by TPST Bantar Gebang of 625 tons per day as an alternative fuel to replace coal, starting a solar panel installation project in Citeureup and Tarjun, issuing a Road Map Alternative Fuel Achievement with a target of alternative fuel consumption reaching more than 40% in 2030, #Trashback, “Sedekah Sampah”, and tree planting.

Indocement as part of Heidelberg Materials also plays an active role in pioneering decarbonization in the cement and ready-mix concrete sector in order to achieve the Net Zero Emissions target by 2060. These efforts are a form of commitment and concrete evidence of the implementation of the principles of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) in Indocement operations.

"At the age of 48, Indocement will continue to support various government development programs, provide environmentally friendly building materials and continue to encourage the implementation of greener industrial operations," concluded Christian.

Celebrating 48th Anniversary with Togetherness

Indocement will not be able to achieve the desired results if it is not jointly driven by all of its employees. Indocement's success is not due to individual success, what we have achieved now is the result of our joint cooperation and contribution.

In order to be grateful for Indocement's presence for 48 years, in each of our operating units we hold a variety of goodness-sharing activities in the form of “Indocement Baik” movement, such as donating wearable items belonging to employees to people in need, giving Education Packages for school-age children, distribution of basic food and nutrition packages to the community, painting houses of worship and various other social activities. Indocement also conducted the Sports and Arts Week (PORSENI) program simultaneously in three factory complexes. Today also the announcement of the winners of the 2023 Indocement Innovation Awards, Indocement Green Innovation Competition, and Employee of the Year.

Indocement also carried out a Historical Walk Around activity at the Citeureup Factory, which was attended by hundreds of participants consisting of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors of Indocement, employees and retirees. In this event, participants experienced to trace back, starting from the factory that was first established and began operating in 1975.

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