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Indocement Citeureup Factory Inaugurated CCP Mining Operations

Indocement Citeureup Factory inaugurated the operation of the Mining Central Control Panel (CCP) on December 29, 2022, this CCP combines the operations of 12 operator panels spread across the Hambalang area, Quarry D area, and the DP2 Plansite area become a single CCP located at the Central Conveyor Transportation Station DP2 Plantsite.

The CCP Mining project succeeded in digitizing Indocement's mining operations as of the operation of all crushers and belt conveyors in the Citeureup Factory is carried out in real time, automatically, centralized and controlled remotely. The successful implementation of this project cannot be separated from the full support of the Mining Division Manager, Prawiratno and the team from the Technical Service Division.

In his remarks at the inauguration of the operation, the General Manager of the Citeureup Factory, Setia Wijaya reminded the need to mitigate the impact of operating the crusher and belt conveyor remotely, this is because operators only rely on running signals from the human machine interface (HMI) and alarms collected from the crusher and belt conveyor protection circuits and processed by the logic control program (PLC) still needs to pay attention to the reliability of the protection system according to the guidelines for remote operation of HC. On the same occasion, Deputy General Manager of the Citeureup Factory, Soegito Kurniawan gave appreciation for the successful operation of CCP Mining, he stated that Mining Divison is one step ahead in implementing 4.0 Industrial digitalization.

During this inauguration, there was also conducted the remote starting of P12 crusher located in Quarry D (limestone) with a distance of 6.5 km from CCP Mining.