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Indocement Lanjutkan Gerakan Hijau!

PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. (“Indocement”) on World Environment Day 2021 held tree planting events at three factory complex locations, namely Citeureup Factory, Bogor, West Java, Cirebon Factory, Cirebon, West Java, and Tarjun Factory Complex, Kotabaru, South Kalimantan.

As of June 2021, in three factory complexes, Indocement has planted more than 13,000 tree seedlings consisting of various types of trees adapted to local plants in each area, several types of trees planted are Trembesi, Kluwih, and Teureup trees in the Complex. Citeureup factories, Mahogany, Kesammbi, Asem, Sonokeling, Teak, Kedawung and Jamblang trees in the Cirebon Factory Complex, and mangroves in the Tarjun Factory Complex.

Indocement's Director & Corporate Secretary, Antonius Marcos, stated that this is a form of Indocement's commitment to actively participate in protecting the environment and running an environmentally friendly business, as well as educating the public to maintain the environmental sustainability.

Indocement's Green Breakthroughs

Green breakthroughs are not foreign to Indocement, previously Indocement has launched slag cement (Duracem) which utilizes the remaining production/waste from the steel smelting industry as an alternative raw material, Indocement also issued a variety of other green cement products, namely hydraulic cement which has a lower clinker ratio so that It has lower CO2 emissions than ordinary cement.

This is in line with the government's policy through the instructions of the Ministry of Public Works of the Republic of Indonesia and the People's Housing of the Republic of Indonesia for the use of green cement (concrete) in infrastructure and other government projects. Indocement is of course ready to produce and supply these green cement products, both in the form of supplying PCC products, Duracem-Slag Cement and also the newest type of cement, namely Hydraulic Cement which is as tough as the OPC cement that is known today.
Action for Planting Trees for World Environment Day 2021 in All Factory Locations while Observing Health Protocols

The Citeureup Factory Complex carried out a greening action “Clean My Air, Green My Earth” by planting 100 tree seedlings around Cikukulu Springs. This activity involves several elements, namely: Indocement (represented by the CSR and Mining Division), Indocement Nature Lovers (PALINDO), Leuwikaret Nature Lovers (PALIKAR), Lulut Village Nature Lovers (T-Delpi), Sauyunan Farmers Group, and the local village government. . Cikukulu Spring is a source of water, especially for the people of Lulut and Leuwikaret Villages, which are two of the 12 partner villages adjacent to the Citeureup Factory Complex. Indocement continues to monitor and ensure that this spring continues to meet clean water standards according to the Minister of Health Regulation of 1990. In addition to reforestation, Indocement has also facilitated the residents of Lulut and Leuwikaret Villages to be able to utilize water from Cikukulu Springs by building a water pipeline to the two villages. So that residents in the two villages do not lack water, especially in the dry season.

The Cirebon Factory Complex since January 2021 has planted 3,300 tree seedlings in the buffer zone area. The types of trees planted are local Cirebon endemic plants such as Kedawung, Jamblang, Asem, and Kesambi.

The Tarjun Factory Complex planted 10,000 tree seedlings and cleaned mangrove areas in 3 locations, namely: the Indocement jetty mangrove area, the mangrove ecotourism area in Langadai Village, Kelumpang Hilir District and the Goa Lowo ecotourism area, Tegalrejo Village. This movement is to restore mangrove habitat in coastal areas while preserving the natural ecosystem habitat that lives in it.

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