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Indocement Directors Visit Pamoyanan Mining

Indocement President Director Christian Kartawijaya together with Director & Corporate Secretary Antonius Marcos, Indocement Director David J. Clarke, Indocement Director Hasan Imer, and Indocement Director & Aggregate CEO Ramakanta Bhattacharjee visited the aggregate mine in Pamoyaman.

The Pamoyanan Mine is a new aggregate mine owned by PT Tarahbatuh Manunggal (TBM) a subsidiary of Indocement. The mine located in Cariu, Bogor Regency, has rock reserves reaching 28 million tons. Currently, the annual production reaches one million tons and is expected to produce one point eight million tons. The location of the mine which is only 1.5 hours from Jakarta city makes this mine strategically to supply the needs of quality stone and concrete sand for various infrastructure projects, commercial projects, and residential projects.

Indocement's Board of Directors also took the time to check the conveyor belt using a maintenance car. The conveyor belt in Pamoyanan stretches for 3.5 kilometers, its existence is very vital and efficient for the delivery of stone and sand from the mine to the storage and delivery area, without disturbing the beauty of the surrounding environment which is still beautiful.