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Indocement Commemorates National Waste Awareness Day 2023

On National Waste Awareness Day 2023, Indocement is holding a trash charity movement. The movement encourages employees to bring trash in exchange for souvenirs or points. The collected waste is used for alternative fuels in Indocement's production process.

Employees at the Citeureup Factory and Tarjun Factory managed to collect 2.2 tons of waste. Previously, employees at the Tarjun Factory also carried out clean-ups on the coast of the Tarjun mangrove jetty and garbage clean-up actions in Tarjun Village and Langadai Village.

Indocement Cirebon Factory held a Waste Management Innovation Training and Signing of the Adiwiyata School Commitment on 23 February 2023 at the Research Center for Training and Community Empowerment (P4M), Cirebon Factory, previously held a clean-up action in Betta Village and Ciwaringin Village on 20-21 February 2023.

Download the press release here! (in bahasa Indonesia)