Community Development

Indocement is highly aware that the Company’s existence is part of the community. Indocement’s business growth so far has been inseparable from community participation. Therefore, the Company pays great attention to the social community development that is manifested in various activities related to the socio-cultural community.

CSR on social community aspects is directed at empowering programs that provide long-term benefits for the communities around the Company’s locations. Community involvement in implementing and developing programs is prioritized so that the community can benefit from such programs. The community empowerment program developed by the Company aims to create self-reliance in the community economically, socially, and environmentally.

Stakeholder Engagement

In order to implement the social responsibility programs better and know what the community needs, Indocement conducts Communication Forum of CSR Program (Bilikom), which is carried out at least every four months. In Bilikom forum, the Company listens and records the community’s aspirations, then translates them into programs to be carried out. The Company adapts the program to be implemented within the established implementation framework.

In addition to Bilikom forum, the Company also uses data from the social mapping results conducted by one of the certified institutions to identify stakeholder's involvement.

Local Workforce and Supplier

The company has a policy towards local labor and suppliers. The Company provides job opportunities to the whole community in accordance with the required qualifications. The Company optimizes the community’s resources to support the production process, for example, pallets for cement delivery, OHS signs, sawdust, and rice husks.