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About Us



Indocement's first factory in Citeureup started operations


Merger of six cement companies (operation of eight plants) into PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa


Indocement become public company


Indocement acquisition plant owned by PT Tridaya Manunggal Perkasa Cement (TMPC) at Cirebon, West Java

Indocement started its ready-mix concrete


Indocement finished construction of Plant 10, Cirebon Factory, Cirebon, West Java


Indocement finished construction of Plant 11, Citeureup Factory was completed


The merger between PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. and PT Indo Kodeco Cement (Plant 12), with an annual production capacity of 2.6 million tons of cement.


HeidelbergCement Group became the Indocement majority shareholder through its subsidiary, Kimmeridge Enterprise Pte. Ltd.


Kimmeridge Enterprise Pte. Ltd., transferred its shares in Indocement to HC Indocement GmbH.


Indocement introduced Portland Composite Cement (PCC) product to the Indonesian market.

HC Indocement GmbH. merged with HeidelbergCement South-East Asia GmbH, in which the latter became the direct majority shareholders of Indocement.


HeidelbergCement South-East Asia GmbH merged with HeidelbergCement AG. Consequently, HeidelbergCement AG controlled 65.14% of Indocement shares.


Indocement became the first company in Southeast Asia to receive Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) for its alternative fuel projects.

HeidelbergCement AG transferred all of its shares in Indocement to Birchwood Omnia Ltd. (England), which is 100% owned by HeidelbergCement Group.


Birchwood Omnia Ltd., sold 14.1% of its shares to public, therefore the ownership of HeidelbergCement AG in Indocement through Birchwood Omnia Ltd., become 51%.


Commenced the cooperation with PT Kereta Api Indonesia to use its rail network as a transportation mode to deliver bagged cement.

Commenced the operations of Banyuwangi Cement Terminal, East Java, and Samarinda Cement Terminal, East Kalimantan

he United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) issued CER to Indocement for its success in reducing emissions from the blended cement project during the period 2006–2007

Cirebon Factory, for the first time, received Gold PROPER Award


Launched Tiga Roda Masonry School (Sekolah Tukang Semen Tiga Roda/SETARA) program

Launched Indocement Safety Health Environment Learning Center (I-SHELTER) in Citeureup Factory and Cirebon Factory

Indocement officially became one of the Green Product Council Indonesia (GPCI) founder members


Indocement's new product launch, under the brand name “Semen Rajawali”. This product is a Portland Pozolan Cement (PPC)

Inaugurated the new Plant 14 in Citeureup Factory in Bogor, West Java, with an annual installed capacity of 4.4 million tons of cement.


Launched Indocement’s new product ”Duracem”. Duracem is a type of Portland cement that utilizes slag from steel industry as one of its raw materials. In its production process, “Duracem” produces low CO2 emissions, therefore, its environmentally friendly


Inauguration of the operation of new cement terminal in Palembang

Indocement began to adopt a new paradigm in product marketing and sales by applying the concept of Sales is a Science (SiaS).


Inaugurated the operation of Lampung Cement Terminal, located in South Lampung Regency


Relocated floating terminal, which was previously in Palaran, Samarinda, East Kalimantan, to Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi.

Inaugurated Expert Pool Team located in Plant 14 of Citeureup Factory. The Expert Pool Team has the function to support production operations in all Indocement’s plants.

Inaugurated 3Roda Edu-Green Park in Research, Training, and Community Empowerment Center (P4M), Citeureup Factory.

Launched Masterumah.id platform as a forum to interact, seek inspirations, and get connected, and it even becomes a specific marketplace for the theme of Home & House.

Began the operation of a new andesite rock mine with a production capacity of 600 tons per hour in Cariu, Bogor Regency, West Java, which is owned by the Company’s subsidiary, namely PT Tarabatuh Manunggal.

Indocement for the first time distributes interim dividend for their shareholders


Indocement is one of the private companies that has joined the Mutual Cooperation Vaccination program, as many as 2,000 Indocement employees have received the COVID-19 vaccine through this program

Indocement launched the Customer Centricity Culture initiative, this initiative was launched to support the achievement of company targets and support the company's sustainable growth

Indocement launched three new mortar products namely TR-10 Multipurpose Mortar, TR-15 Thinbed and TR-20 Plaster Plus

Indocement launched a new OSH guideline, namely the 2nd Edition of the Life Saving Rules (LSR)

Indocement conducted a company shares buyback program on fluctuating market condition


Indocement Launches New Purpose

Indocement Inagurates CCP Plant 3-4-5

Indocement Launch Internship Program with Bogor Regency Governance

Indocement Launches #Trashback Program

Indocement Tarjun Factory Inaugurates PLN Electricity Use

Indocement signed lease agreement to use cement production facilities owned by Bosowa Group

Indocement Signed MoU of RDF Utilization from TPST Bantargebang

KPPU Recognition of Indocement's Compliance Program

Inauguration of Mining CCP Citeureup Factory