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The Result of the House Renovation #PejuangKOKOHSelamanya Program are starting to be handed over

PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. (Indocement), the producer of Tiga Roda Cement through the #PejuangKOKOHSelamanya program strives to carry out residential renovations for people in need. This program invites the public to propose buildings that need to be renovated by posting photos and videos on social media. Indocement then selected ten buildings to be renovated. This program managed to collect more than 1,500 recommendations.

The house that was renovated first belonged to Mrs. Turiyah, a resident of Kidangbang Village, Wajak District, Malang Regency, On February 4, 2022 house was handed over. Mrs. Turiyah's house was unfit for habitation because the wall was made from woven bamboo, the roof tiles were a leak, and the house pillars were fragile. This house also does not have a bathroom and access to clean water. Home renovations are carried out with pre-cast concrete technology, a technology that can build houses quickly, easily, firmly, with quality, and with precision. All structural elements, beams, and columns have been manufactured with precision in advance with strict quality control at the factory using Three Wheel Cement so that their strength is guaranteed and has been tested.

Press releases regarding this activity can be downloaded here!