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Commemorating Hari Bangunan Indonesia 2023, Indocement Holds Futsal Tournament

Rayakan Hari Bangunan Indonesia 2023, Indocement Gelar Turnamen Futsal

Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. (Indocement) holds futsal tournament for construction people in Indonesia at Galaxy Sport Center, PIK 2, Jakarta. This tournament was participated by 16 teams from ministries, ready-mix concrete, contactors, developers, alumni of Sekolah Tukang Tiga Roda program, and others. The opening was attended by the Director General of Construction Development of the Ministry of PUPR, Rachman Arief Dienaputra and the Director of Indocement, Troy D. Soputro, as well as several companies’ chairman that took part in this competition.

The winner of this tournament was the team from the Ministry of PUPR who managed to beat PT PPLI in a fierce final match. This cup will be contested again at HBI next year.

Indocement Continues to Improve Infrastructure and Buildings and Appreciate the Construction Profession

In the context of HBI 2023, Indocement is also simultaneously carrying out a number of activities in three operational areas of its factories. All of these activities also involve employees and related stakeholders at each location.

Perbaikan rumah tidak layak huni di Citeureup sebagai bagian dari Hari Bangunan Indonesia 2023

Citeureup Factory

  • Working together among employees and the community in renovating two uninhabitable housing units (rutilahu) in Gunung Sari Village, Citeureup 

Renovasi Rumah Tidak Layak Huni di Cirebon dalam memperingati Hari Bangunan Indonesia 2023

Cirebon Factory

  • Management and employees renovate one rutilahu in West Palimanan Village and one in Gempol Village 
  • Renovation of the office and waste collection site belonging to Indah Makmur Waste Bank in Kedung Bunder Village  
  • Training of construction workers of partner villages  

Peringatan Hari Bangunan Indonesia 2023 di Tarjun

Tarjun Factory

  • Building satkambling post in Tegalrejo Village 
  • Renovating facility of posyandu in Tarjun Village 
  • Building Matawigi Bridge in Cantung Kiri Hilir Village

Indocement collaborated with Conture Concrete Lab to hold an event inviting the public to appreciate the construction profession. The event was held at the Grand Kemang Hotel, Jakarta, as part of the ICAD (Indonesia Contemporary Art and Design) exhibition. In this activity, various skills of mason were displayed, starting from stand-up comedy, body building, and playing music with builders' equipment. 

futhermore, in collaboration with the Jogjakarta Provincial Culture Service, Indocement holds the socialization assistance of the 2023 restoration, in the context of cultural heritage and cultural heritage management activities. In this activity, seminars and education were conducted for 70 assistants of restoration of cultural heritage buildings in Jogjakarta. Rahmat Jatmikanto, Technical Marketing Manager of Indocement, was present as the speaker.

Press release regarding this event can be downloaded here!