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Indocement and Indocement Labor Union Sign Collective Labor Agreement X (2023-2024 Period)

PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. and the Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Unit Citeureup, Cirebon and Tarjun Workers Union signed a Collective Labor Agreement X (2023-2024 Period) on 17 November 2022 in the CHRD-Citeuereup Hall. This PKB X is valid from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024. The PKB X was signed by the Director and Corporate Secretary of Indocement, Antonius Marcos, Chairperson of SP Citeureup, Ribut Santoso, Chairperson of SP Cirebon, Heri Herdian, and Chairperson of SP Tarjun, Tri Winarno. The signing was also witnessed directly by the Chairman of APINDO Bogor Regency, Alexander Frans, the Director of Indocement, Hasan Imer, and the General Manager and Plant/Division Manager.