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Customers and Quality

Indocement’s customers, both distributors and end-users, are important stakeholders, who directly influence the sustainability of the Company. Therefore, Indocement continues to improve services and protection to its customers.

Target and Plan
To execute the social responsibility activities related tocustomers and qulity, the various agenda were planned in 2017, as follows:

1. Monitoring and fulfilling customer needs through the Quality Care Process Team
In order to manage quality and customer satisfaction, a special team called Quality Care Process Team or Q Care Team was formed consisting of representatives from several related sections, including Sales & Marketing Division, Logistic Division, Quality Assurance & Research Division, Paper Bag & Dispatch Division and Finance Accounting Division. This team is responsible for evaluating the service quality to customers related to product quality, packaging, availability, delivery, complaint handling, customer communication and other services related fulfilling customer satisfaction.

The team is also responsible for developing service plans related to better customer satisfaction.

2. Expanding communication networks with customers,especially through digital media To address customer communication access, it was necessary to optimize and expand the network using various media, especially digital. This strategy is taken due to the use of digital media is widespread throughout Indonesia and so communication through digital media seemed the right way to go.

3. Improving the quality and cooperation with masonries through the Komunitas Tukang (MUTU) program Foremen and masonries have an important role to play in building quality. As a producer of the best quality products, Indocement also feels responsible for ensuring that the construction carried out by the quality masonries. For that reason, since 2015, Indocement has been running masonries’ training programs throughout Indonesia through its Sekolah Tukang Tiga Roda (SETARA) program in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing as described previously. This program has successfully certified thousands of masonries throughout Indonesia.

As a continuation of the program, Indocement created the Komunitas Tukang (MUTU) forum made up from SETARA alumni. Through MUTU, Indocement provides knowledge renewal and insights to the masonries so that they can continue to develop from time to time.

The Company also cooperates with Bank Rakyat Indonesia for providing debit card for SETARA alumni that also as a supports to government’s program towards non-cash society.

4. Improving end user enjoyment through various activities
End users, such as building owners and masonries, who as the end users are the main consumers. The building process carried out by end users often places a lot of pressure on it. Starting from the pressures of cost, time, and many obstacles encountered at the time of building. In order to help relieve the pressure, Semen Tiga Roda endeavors to be present to bring a bit of cheerfulness during the building process with various activities and promos provided by Indocement so that the building atmosphere can be more enjoyable.

Activities Conducted
With respect to customers’ responsibility, the Company undertook various activities, namely:
  • Customer service
  • Complaint Service
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Commitment to quality

Customer Service
For the end users of the Company’s products, both individual and corporate customers, for construction and residential projects, Indocement provides a variety of cement products according to the specific needs of customers.

In order for customers to be able to use the products according to their specific construction needs, the Company provides a booklet containing a concise, condensed and clear explanation of product features. The Company also includes product features on the packaging to meet the retail market requirements. In addition, to ensure customers safety, the Company provides retail products weighing 50 kg in packaging that is not easily torn/broken when moved. Bag Cement weighing 40 kilograms and 50 kilograms are in accordance with the maximum weight limits humans can lift without tools.

The Company provides information on the quality and other specifications for every product it produces and sells to the customers, which is listed on the outside packaging, and contains:
  • Indocement logo
  • Product name
  • National Industry Standard (SNI) Number
  • Weight
  • Type of cement
  • Instructions for use
  • Customer service number for complaint

To establish two-way communications with customers and also to improve the quality of service to consumers, the Company has executed the following:
  • Established “Sahabat Tiga Roda” and “Mitra Semen Tiga Roda”, which involves building customers stores, for customers and developers who meet the required terms and conditions.
  • “Sahabat Tiga Roda” are able to communicate through “Tiga Roda Digital”: Semen Tiga Roda website, Facebook (Semen Tiga Roda), Twitter (@sementigaroda), Instagram (sementigaroda), google+, and youtube. In addition, for Semen Rajawali customers, the Company also has social media accounts on Facebook (@Semenrajawali), Twitter (@Semenrajawali), Instagram (@Semenrajawali) and Youtube (Semen Rajawali).
  • Provided technical support and mobile labs to assist and facilitate “Sahabat Tiga Roda” in their technical use of cement in the field.
  • Published the “KOKOH” bulletin as a medium of communication with “Sahabat Tiga Roda”.
  • Undertook activities aimed to strengthen and consolidate relations with customers, among others:
    - Management visits to building stores;
    - Gathering with Tiga Roda Friends and Tiga Roda Cement Partners;
    - Fun Activities (sports, hobbies, etc.) as well as gatherings with bulk cement customers;
    - Promos appealing to retail customers.

Komunitas Tukang (MUTU)
As discussed earlier, in 2017, as a continuation of the SETARA school, Indocement held an SETARA alumni gathering event, and formed Komunitas Tukang (MUTU) Tiga Roda in 48 cities throughout Indonesia, with a total
member of 1,700 masonries. In MUTU, participants are not only provided with knowledge and theoretical insight,
but can also practice under direction from Indocement’s experts, and can continue to develop over time. In addition, Indocement’s Technical Support team has technical engineering representatives in various cities
that can communicate with MUTU members to share their construction knowledge and discuss various technical issues that have happened the field since they completed the SETARA program. Through MUTU, it is expected that masonries in Indonesia will become professional building agents, ready to satisfy customers with a mix of their Tiga Roda culture, and quality materials and work.

End-User Promo
To create some enjoyment for Tiga Roda end-users, who can become depressed during construction times, due to the cost and time pressures, and other obstacles mentioned earlier, Tiga Roda holds promos with prizes such as free umrah, motorbikes, smartphones, and mobile phone credit. These promos are followed by a consumer prize draw, using unique code numbers found inside the Tiga Roda cement bags, with a drawing conducted through a short message service every month. More than 1.5 million Tiga Roda end users are involved in this promo activity. Through this promo we hope that Indocement product users will enjoy the building process more.

Complaints Service
Indocement endeavors to settle all customers’ complaints and is committed to improving its service and product quality. Therefore, the Company has opened customer complaints services through several channels, namely through a toll-free telephone, mail, email and SMS both for end-users, stores and distributors, namely:

Call Center    : 0800 10 37632, (+6221) 255 33 555
SMS        : 0812 128 3000
Email        :
Website        :

The Company handles all customers complaints by:
  • Receiving, recording and immediately responding to all incoming customer complaints.
  • Coordinating with technical service teams to do visit, and for clarification with the concerned customers.
  • Conducting test samples by the technical services team in the field, if necessary.
  • Issuing Customer Complaint Reports (CCR) that should immediately be followed up by related units in accordance with a predetermined time.
  • Evaluating thoroughly all submitted complaints and coordinating with relevant parties to prevent the reoccurrence of similar complaints.
  • Forming a Quality Care Process Team to monitor customer satisfaction and complaint indicators as well as the proactive handling and corrective solutions monthly.
  • Conducting regular visits by the Technical services team to cement and ready-mix customers, as well as project customers to give product knowledge presentations, assistance regarding cement processes for advanced products and quality test the building material components like cement, sand and used water.

Customers Satisfaction Survey
The Company also conducts surveys to determine customer satisfaction with the services rendered. Customer satisfaction surveys for the end user are conducted every year through face-to-face interviews with a selection of respondents using a simple random sampling method. That way, the value of customer satisfaction is measured through the assessment of 16 attributes, including product, price, distribution, and promotion as follows:

Commitment to Quality
The Company is committed to producing products that have a guaranteed consistency of quality in accordance with established specifications. To realize this commitment, the Company, through quality control and quality assurance, monitors the consistent quality of products produced at each stage of the product manufacture.

For the Company, quality is a top priority for internal and external customer satisfaction, and covers all the Company’s activities, ranging from research and development, production to marketing. Quality is built through the planning, execution and effective and efficient controls, and is primarily determined by human factors. Therefore, the education and training of employees continues to be developed according to the needs and development of science and technology.

Indocement is a pioneer in the cement industry where cement manufacturers apply the state-of art technology, producing high quality, strong and environmentally friendly cement, and actively participates in various activities and organizations that have the same mission, including the Green Product Council Indonesia (GPCI).

Green Product Council Indonesia (GPCI)
Construction is a dominant aspect in human life because almost 80% of human activities take place in buildings. Therefore, it has become very important to use products that pay close attention to the environment in the process of building. This fact encouraged Indocement, the only one from the cement industry, together with 18 other building material manufacturers to establish, on December 11, 2015, the Green Product Council Indonesia (GPCI).

The GPCI was established to encourage producers to pay attention to the environmental aspects of their products. Through green product rating tools, developed with professional experts, GPCI will issue green labels for products that meet the required criteria, with audits conducted by professional audit agencies. It will also encourage consumers to choose products that already have a green label as their primary choice. Thus, each product will be competing to meet the green criteria.

Indocement, a producer of Semen Tiga Roda Cement and Semen Rajawali