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Investor Relations

Investor Relations is one supporting organ acting as the liaison party in bridging the interests of the Company and investors, especially to increase the Company’s credibility and become the bridge of communication between the Company’s management and the investors. This will provide a better understanding of the Company’s performance and in terms of investment decision making.

Profile of Investor Relations Officer

Investor Relations Position and Officers

Indocement’s Investor Relations Officer is directly responsible to the Director of Finance. Indocement’s Investor Relations Officer as at December 31, 2019 were David Halim and David Kumala.

Duties and Responsibility of Investor Relations
The Investor Relations function covers financial and strategic aspects, with the following responsibilities:
1. Providing accurate, reliable, and timely information to internal and external parties, including Shareholders, investors, potential investors, analysts, rating agencies, the government, and regulatory bodies;
2. Conducting routine activities, which are: quarterly performance exposure, analyst meetings, investor meetings, non-deal roadshows, and other meetings related to Indocement’s performance; and
3. Providing adequate information to Stakeholders on Indocement’s financial condition and corporate actions.

Investor Relations Duty Implementation

Investor Inquiries
Investor inquiries please contact:
Corporate Finance Division
Phone : +6221 251 2121 ext. 2830
            +6221 875 2817 ext. 1118
Facsimile : +6221 8794 1383
E-mail :

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