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External Auditor

Public Accounting Firm (KAP) conducts External Audit to examine the Company’s financial aspects as an independent monitoring function. The Annual GMS determines which External Auditors who will audit the Company’s financial statements of the 2019 financial year based on recommendations from the Board of Commissioners and Audit Committee. Selection process is done according to the applicable mechanism of procurement of goods and services. The appointed External Auditors shall not have a conflict of interest with the Company in order to ensure the independence and quality of audit results.

Mechanism of Public Accounting Firm Appointment

The Company refers to OJK Regulation No. 13/ POJK.03/2017 on the Use of Public Accountant and Public Accountant Firm in Financial Services Activities as the mechanism to appoint the Public Accountant. Such regulation states that in line with the principles of GCG implementation, the appointment of Public Accountant and Public Accountant Firm is conducted through the GMS mechanism, after considering the proposal from the Board of Commissioners.
Based on Annual GMS resolutions dated May 21, 2019, the Company appointed the Public Accountant Firm "Purwantono, Sungkoro & Surja" (member of Ernst & Young Global Limited) to audit the Company’s records for the 2019 fiscal year as per the recommendation from the Board of Commissioners.

The 2019 Indocement and Subsidiaries’ consolidated financial statements will be audited by the Public Accountant Firm of Purwantono, Sungkoro & Surja (member of Ernst & Young Global Limited) with an audit fee of Rp4.569 billion excluding taxes.

The Company pays attention to relevant provisions issued by the OJK, especially regarding the independence and restriction of the audit assignment for Public Accountant and KAP to be able to provide professional services in the form of a general audit services.

Other Services apart from the Financial Audit

During 2019, the Public Accounting Firm of Purwantono, Sungkoro & Surja only gave financial statement audit services for the Company.
The audited results for 2019 stated that the Company’s financial statements were fairly stated in accordance with Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards.

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