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Committees & Officer under BOD

The Board of Directors may form a non-structural Committee to provide input to the Board of Directors regarding areas within the scope of the Committee’s work.

Until December 31, 2019, Indocement’s Board of Directors established Safety Committee and Ethics Committee. These two Committees are intended to help the Board of Directors make policies and procedures related to the Company’s Occupational Health & Safety and Environment, as well as make policies and oversee the implementation of Indocement’s Code of Conduct.

Indocement Safety Committee (I-SC) is established by the Board of Directors as a form of the Company’s commitment to managing occupational safety. The Safety Committee is under the supervision of the Board of Directors, with the main objective to determine strategies to prevent occupational accidents and diseases, to support and ensure that the strategy, initiation, and occupational health and safety programs in all activities of the Company are well implemented.

Legal Basis
1. Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 13 of 2003 concerning employment mandates the obligation to protect occupational safety and health through the implementation of an occupational health and safety management system that is integrated with the company’s management system.
2. Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1 of 1970 concerning occupational safety mandates the obligation to fulfill safety requirements, guidance as an effort to prevent accidents and fires as well as the establishment of an Occupational Safety and Health Development committee.
3. Government Regulation Number 50 of 2012 concerning Guidelines for Implementing Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SMK3).
4. The occupational health and safety guidelines of the HeidelbergCement Group.|
5. Board of Directors Decision Letter No. 011/Kpts/Dir/ ITP/IX/2019 dated September 17, 2019, on Safety Committee of PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk.

Safety Committee Duties and Responsibilities
1. Setting up direction and formulating effective strategies and workable action plans among management lines.
2. Setting up a harmonized safety system, as well as aligning objectives and targets, to oversee the organization.
3. Helping build a uniform spirit and culture for improving safety performance in line with group safety objectives.
4. Providing the necessary support to line management to ensure implementation of Company-wide safety improvement programs.
5. Providing oversight for overall safety performance and determining possible improvement.

Safety Committee Membership
As of December 31, 2019, the members of the Safety Committee are as follows:

Security Committee Term of Service
Membership and tenure Committee are attached to the position held, so there is no time limit on membership in the Committee.

Safety Committee Meetings
The Safety Committee must conduct meetings at least four times in a year.
Throughout 2019, the Safety Committee held four meetings with details as follows:

Duty Implementation Report
1. Organizing BOD SHE Walk two times;
2. Facilitating the Procurement of Android-based SHE On My Hand Application;
3. Evaluating the Clean Site/Safe Site Program;
4. Evaluating Fire of Coal Mill P9;
5. Evaluating the MHR Program;
6. Evaluating Fire of Plant 14;
7. Evaluating Transporter OHS Facilities;
8. Evaluating Factory OHS Performance (Fire of BC Mining Citeureup and Cirebon Warehouse);
9. Evaluating Transporter OHS Performance; and
10. Safety Conversation Implementation.

The Board of Directors establishes the Ethics Safety Committee to ensure that the Code of Conduct has been implemented properly at every level of the organization. The Ethics Committee is under the supervision of the Board of Directors, with the main objective to supervise and collect information on the implementation of Code of Conduct.

Legal Basis
1. Company’s Articles of Association
2. Board of Directors’ Decision No. 007/Kpts/ITP/V/2006 dated 30 May 2006 on Kebijakan Etika Indocement (Indocement Code of Conduct)

Structure and Composition of the Ethics Committee
As of December 31, 2019, the structure and composition of the Ethics Committee are as follows:

Non-permanent members are determined by the Chairperson of the Ethics Committee for a certain term of office.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Ethics Committee
1. Monitor and collect information on the implementation of Code of Conduct.
2. Determine the alleged violation of the Code of Conduct.
3. Invite the party suspected of committing an offense, the party providing information and/or witness, or other party participating in the investigation/ prosecution process.
4. Conduct investigation and carry out prosecution/trials to decide and resolve cases of violation of the Code of Conduct.
5. Determine sanction from the Ethics Committee, which is given through the highest leadership in the Directorate, or Operation Unit/Plant/Division to those who violate the Code of Conduct in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Ethics Committee’s Meetings
Throughout 2019, the Ethics Committee held one meeting, on February 11, 2019, which was attended by all members of the Ethics Committee.

Ethics Committee Duty Implementation Report
1. Disseminate Indocement Code of Conduct in three factory locations of the Company.
2. Affirm the commitment of implementation of Kebijakan Etika Indocement (Indocement Code of Conduct) to Employees through the signing of statement of commitment of compliance with the Company’s Ethics.
3. Supervise the implementation of the Company’s ethical policies.

Throughout 2019, there were no violations of Indocement Code of Conduct.

Indocement, a producer of Semen Tiga Roda Cement and Semen Rajawali