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Corporate Governance Soft-Structure

In order to support the implementation of GCG in the Company, Indocement has compiled handbooks or written rules containing specific policies, practices and other rules that ensures the company keeps in line with current legislation, and the principles of healthy and generally accepted corporate and business ethics, or so-called Corporate Governance Soft-Structure.

Indocement’s  Corporate  Governance  Soft-Structure consists of, among others:
1. The Board Charter;
2. Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners Code of Ethics;
3. Indocement's Code of Conduct;
4. Compliance Guidelines;
5. Communication Guidelines;
6. Core values;
7. Leadership Elements;
8. Audit Committee Charter;
9. Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter;
10. Internal Audit Charter;
11. Violation Reporting System;
12. GCG Independent Assessment Guidelines, based on the Asean CG Scorecard;
13. Insider Trading Policies
14. Policies and other guidelines adopted by the Company.

Indocement realizes that any revisions of the Corporate Governance Soft-Structure cannot circumvent any new regulations from OJK, the capital market authorities and other relevant regulations. Therefore, Indocement periodically conducts reviews and revisions of its Soft-Structure and is committed to a consistent GCG implementation in the Company that does not conflict with applicable laws or regulations related to corporate governance.

Indocement, a producer of Semen Tiga Roda Cement and Semen Rajawali