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GCG Implementation of Self-Assessment

In 2016, Indocement conducted a corporate governance self-assessment based on fulfi   the fi   GCG principles. The self-assessment was carried out by the Corporate Secretary with reference to the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard checklist.

Indocement’s GCG assessment results in 2016 showed a rise from 79.0% in 2015 to 79.84%. This increase was primarily due to the
Company’s policies and improved practices of GCG principles.

Indocement’s GCG self-assessment results for the past 3 (three) years (2014-2016) are as follows:

The self-assessment results above show that the Indocement’s GCG implementation continues to improve each year and the Company will continue working to improve the remaining balance of the GCG self-assessment results.

In addition, the Internal Audit Division conducted an assessment of Indocement’s GCG policies and implementation through an employee survey. The results relatively the same as 2015 result, namely 71.6%, reflecting the good awareness of employees regarding GCG implementation.

The respondents were selected from echelon 1 to echelon 5. The selected respondents were based on a statistical sampling ensuring that the respondents were representative of the whole population based on their knowledge, authority and their daily activities with respect to GCG practices.

The survey questionnaire consisted of 3 sub-categories namely, Policies, Commitment and Implementation. Each category had 22, 7
and 42 questions respectively. Maximum score per category were: 100, 35 and 210, while weight per category was: 20.0%, 10.0% and

These results show Indocement’s success in enforcing the GCG implementation at all levels and in all aspects of the Company.
These assessment results have become a very important tool for future GCG implementation improvement, as well as demonstrating
the Company’s commitment and dedication as a good corporate citizen.
Indocement’s improved corporate governance practices resulted in Indocement winning a “Top 50 Public Listed Companies” Award
from the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD) at the 8th IICD Corporate Governance Conference and Awards on
November 7, 2016. Indocement is the only public listed cement producer to receive this award and is ranked in the 21–30 categories of companies with the largest market capitalization in Indonesia, up from the 31 – 40 categories in 2015. The assessment process uses the ASEAN CG Scorecard, where the assessment is based on information disclosure on the Company’s website and other media. The more disclosure of information published, the better the ranking of the Company.


Indocement, a producer of Semen Tiga Roda Cement and Semen Rajawali