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Basic and Purpose of GCG Implementation

Indocement’s GCG has a legal and policy basis that includes the following laws, regulations and guidelines:

1. Law No. 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Company;
2. Law No. 8 of 1995 on Capital Market;
3. Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 21/ POJK.04/2015 on Implementation of Governance Guidelines for Public Companies;
4. Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 32/ POJK.04/2014 on Planning and Organizing General Meeting of Shareholders of Public Companies;
5. Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 33/ POJK.04/2014 on Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of Issuers or Public Companies;
6. Circular of Financial Services Authority No. 32/ SEOJK.04/2015 on Guidelines of Corporate Governance for Public Companies;
7. General Guidelines of GCG Indonesia issued by the National Committee of Governance Policy; and
8. Roadmap of Indonesia Corporate Governance issued by the Financial Services Authority.

Based on the laws and regulations, Indocement continues to harmonize and improve the quality of GCG in the Company.

In its implementation, the Company is required to ensure the implementation of GCG in every aspect of the business and at every level of the Company's organization with the following objectives:

1. Optimizing the value of the Company for Shareholders while still paying attention to the interests of the Stakeholders and encouraging the achievement of business continuity based on the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, as well as fairness and equality;

2. To encourage the Company's organs, namely the GMS, the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors in making decisions and carrying out actions based on high moral values ​​and compliance with the provisions of the articles of association and the prevailing laws and regulations;

3. Encouraging the management of the Company to be more professional, transparent and efficient, as well as empowering functions and increasing the independence of the Company's organs;

4. Encourage and support the development, management of the Company's resources and the management of the Company's business risks by applying the principles of prudence (prudence), accountability, and responsibility in line with the principles of GCG;

5. Encouraging awareness and social responsibility of the Company to the community and environmental sustainability, especially in the vicinity of the Company's operational areas;

6. Provide guidelines for each member of the Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners and Employees of the Company in carrying out the management of the Company in a professional, transparent and efficient manner as well as empowering functions and increasing independence, based on moral values ​​and compliance with laws and regulations as well as awareness of the Company's social responsibility towards stakeholders Interests and environment;

7. Increase the competitiveness of the Company, both nationally and internationally, so as to gain market confidence in order to encourage investment flows and sustainable national economic growth.


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